Taylor Family  (12 of 21)

Taylor Family

This wonderful family won the outdoor family photo shoot that I donated to a local school.  They braved the cold, snow and ice while we covered the grounds at a beautiful park to get these great shots. They were so.much.fun to work with! Snow ball fights, swings, jumping on dads back, overall lively family behaviour. … Continue reading

Ice storm  (5 of 17)

Ice Storm

First I’d like to say how grateful we are to still have power.  My heart goes out to those who have been without it since Saturday and to those who won’t have theirs fixed until after Christmas.  We wish you the happiest holiday season, and hope that you are surrounded with family and friends to … Continue reading

Unrau family (2 of 7)

What I’ve been up to

      Hey all! Hope everyone is well and enjoying alllllll this snow (we got 30+ cm in my area on Dec. 14th) Here are just a few pictures of the things I’ve been up to. My family recently added a new furry member to our crew. He’s a Cane Corso breed and his … Continue reading



Hello? Has it been that long? I do admit I’ve neglected blogging and taking pictures as much as I could. I blame my adorable 2 year old.  I have done a few things, albeit few and far between.  Ventured to Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche in Toronto on October 5th for the first time. WOW it … Continue reading

Mel & Mel (finished L-R) (7 of 10)

M & M goes Boudoir

    It’s official, I’ve lost my boudoir-ginity.   The inspiration behind this shoot came from a picture I saw posted on a page on FaceBook called Curves Ahead Love this page, it is full of motivation and positivity for women of ALL shapes and sizes. Very cool.   Anthony Turano Photography took the shot … Continue reading

kayte & tanisha (3 of 33)

Ain’t nothing but a G thang

I had such a blast with this photo shoot.  I know I know I always say that, but I honestly did! These two ladies ROCKED it all day. We had some spectators but they did not distract them at all.  (I mean can you blame the gawkers?? They’re GORGEOUS)  My sister was kind enough to … Continue reading

Chloe  (6 of 15)

Gangnam; Chloe Style

Oh.My.Gosh. This little beauty is an absolute doll!  Turning 1 is so much fun for Chloe.  Her momma, Christine, had these 3 ADORABLE outfits for her to change into. 2 of them were embroidered with her name (genius). With favourite teddy in tow, a sandwich baggie of chocolate kisses and lots of balloons we grooved … Continue reading

Girl Power

Here is the final part to the multiple model photoshoot day I had a while back.  ( I know, I know I said it was a four parter but I combined the family portraits and creative portraits in my last post Vampires with a Family twist. ) Leah Camacho (leahcamacho@hotmail.com) was the fabulous make up artist Jenn & … Continue reading

Angie & Tristan (12 of 18)

Vampires with a family twist

Here’s the next instalment of the recent Sunday afternoon multi-photoshoot. We have mom & son duo, Angie and Tristan, posing for nice family pictures, then the creative make up artist Leah Camacho (leahcamacho@hotmail.com) lets loose for the vampire vs human show down. It was SOO much fun working with these two. They really got into … Continue reading

Kayte (7 of 9)

Hello there Sailor

One of my latest photo shoots was a 4-parter. I enlisted a few friends and family members to participate in a afternoon of modelling.  This post is showcasing the retro pin up glam gal inspired theme that my baby sister pulled off perfectly!  I love the colors the make up artist, Leah Camacho (leahcamacho@hotmail.com) used … Continue reading


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